Airstream Rentals

Vintage Airstreams - with a modern twist

All of our Airstreams are vintage, hailing from the 50s, 60s and 70s, with plenty of rivets, shiny aluminium - and the classic 'Airstream' look. Inside though, things get decidedly more modern, to incorporate many of the comforts of home - hot and cold running water, up-to-date gas hobs, efficient LED lighting, fridge / freezer, toilet, shower and so on. Beautifully crafted, each one is 100% unique, truly one of a kind.

Facilities will vary slightly from one Airstream to another, but all include the following:

Whilst we generally recommend the Airstreams to be connected to an electricity supply so that guests have charging points for phones etc, most of them can also be used 'off-grid' if required.